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Christian Gaarden Gaardmark

I'm a seasoned professional with more than 18 years of computer science experience, including leading, envisioning, architecting, and developing real world user oriented experiences for millions of users around the world - including Microsoft Office. I specifically bring passion for the user, and have a proven record of leading and delivering results across companies, such as Microsoft, that makes a difference for users around the world.


Work Experience

Microsoft, Senior Program Manager

March 2015 - Present

Working with the ASG, C&E, and WDG divisions in Microsoft to build a common set of localization systems and services that we in turn use to ship software, content and help Office users across the world, get more done, faster.

Microsoft, Senior Lead IPE

Janary 2014 - March 2015

Joined in and helped lead efforts to develop the next generation Office localization system on Microsoft Azure. This included turning a team around, and helping it adopt agile development processes while shipping services that helped our users.

Microsoft, Senior Program Manager

November 2012 - Janary 2014

Senior Program Manager on the Connected Services team within Office, responsible for delivering services that the Office clients to consume as part of compelling scenarios. One of said services enables Office to discover all other services that Office needs. The services are all built on top of Windows Azure.

Microsoft, Senior Lead Program Manager

March 2010 - November 2012

Lead Program Manager for a world top 20 website. Job involved working with a multitude of teams mainly within Microsoft and architecting/designing on top of the SharePoint platform and driving for real world results across these teams and making others great in the process.

Microsoft, Lead Program Manager

July 2008 - March 2010

Lead Program Manager on the Office Globalization Team, designing processes and systems that enables Microsoft Office to be released into 100+ markets.

Responsibilities (depending on project): Owning, driving, scheduling, specing, architecting/designing, implementing, testing and supporting internal localization tools (mainly C#, ASP.NET, SQL and XML).
Projects: xCube, we shipped Office 2003 and the localized Microsoft Office Online presence you see today using it (crossgroup). Husky+, an outsourcing first in Microsoft Office and vNext on which we will ship and render Office 14 online (crossgroup). per languages). xCube was created in collaboration with groups across the globe including USA, Ireland, China and Japan. My role was to plan, gather and resolving conflicting requirements, designing and specing the features, in some cases coding the features, testing features, triaging and above all driving and motivation the dev/test teams to execute under lots of pressure and together we got the project done in time for Office 2003. After the release I gave trainings and played a key role in establishing the strong support story that we today now have in Office around all of our toolsets.
Husky+ was the very first dev and test outsourcing project within Office and I was responsible for the team that drew up the plans, choose the vendor that eventually won the contract, drove the project to completion and gave several presentations to upper management and key stakeholders. One of the many wins of the project was that we are now able to make even more clipart available on Office Online in more languages with less cost.
Additional accomplishments includes: formal and informal mentoring of peers, establishing OffGlobe Redmond's common code repository, and pushing for OffGlobe's worldwide alignment.

Microsoft, Software Design Engineer

June 2001 - July 2003

Responsibilities (depending on project): Driving, scheduling, spec'ing, designing, implementing, testing and supporting internal localization tools (mainly C++, MFC, C#, HTML, XML).
Projects: Microsoft Helium a crossgroup tool used both internally and by our vendors to cost and localize Office and other big Microsoft projects (version 4.0 alone saved for Office 40% compared to the previous versions) of which I implemented several of the key features, Microsoft LOOM, Microsoft LOOM Config.
I was responsible for Microsoft LOOM BVT (C#, C++, HTML, XML) and PTT/OffGlobe source code merge and security review (C++).
Additional achievements: Our team won an internal Microsoft best practice award (with a comprehensive and powerful solution for localizing Web files) and a runner-up award (with a new solution that makes it very easy to apply terminology changes, where in the past this process was very hard to manage, cost and test). These awards were designed to recognize and reward individuals who have invented or implemented breakthrough practices for building Microsoft products. I enrolled the team in, designed and implemented OffGlobe's code repository, I created a Design Pattern Study Group in Microsoft Ireland and in my spare time I created the MS EPDC Sports & Social Club website (ASP, DHTML, JScript, VBScript, VB, ADO and RDS).

WBT Systems, Software Engineer

November 1999 - June 2001

Responsibilities: Gathering requirements, designing, implementing and unit testing desktop/client Windows applications (mainly C++, MFC) and owning the design and implementation of the public TopClass Publisher DocCOM and DAC interfaces (C++, MFC, ATL, COM, VB, Win32, HTTP, XML).
Projects: TopClass Publisher a win 32 based course authoring tool for web based training and TopClass Assistants a course import tool.
Additional achievements: I designed and implemented the code repository in WBT.

Microsoft, Software Developer Engineer

October 1998 - November 1999

With the Server Apps Division team in Dublin where my responsibilities included building, bug fixing and supporting internal and external localization teams (PM, ELC, Test).
Projects: MMC (MS Management Console), PKM (MS SharePoint Portal Server), Polar, Site Server Search, WebPost. I was responsible for gathering requirements, specing, scheduling, designing, implementing (ASP, DHTML, JScript, VBScript, VB) and testing the WebReport (Web based tool for creating, managing and publishing status reports).

Own company, Freelance Developer

November 1997 - July 1998

Main contract was for Oriental Import/Export Trade ApS in Aarhus where I was responsible for creating an administrative system for them and over time adding additional functionality including email invoicing.

FOF Denmark, Teacher

February 1996 - July 1996

I was responsible for lesson plan, creating and selecting teaching material and presenting this. In addition I tutored some of the students privately.



Bachelor in Computer Science

August 1994 - November 1997

Datamatician Computer Science Programme, Aalborg Business College, Aalborg, Denmark.

Specialty: User Interfaces & Prototyping within Object Oriented System Development



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